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March On!

We are beginning the month that, to me, means action.  March is more than a name of a month on the calendar, it is a command.  To march means to walk in a stately, deliberate manner.

To march forth does not imply charging, or pushing through haphazardly. If anything, it implies a slow methodical step in the right direction toward some particular goal, often one that may frighten us. It implies a careful step with discernment as we progress.

To march forth means to establish intent, to engage willpower and hopefulness, often enough to take just one step.  This self-command might be needed at a time when we feel stuck, when we need to keep plugging away.  This is often a psychological, physical and personal spiritual command.

In Joshua 6:3, God gives Joshua, and the army, a command to march around the walls of Jericho one time for six days, and then seven times on the seventh day. It was to be done with complete focus.  There was to be no talking with the people who were there marching together.  It was to be free of any distractions.

I was in the marching band in high school and we all started out with the same step pattern.  We were not allowed talk while marching, laser focus was required.  Attention to the cadence and the movement of every step. No one was allowed to march with their heads down or in a slouched position.  We were required to march with our backs straight, our heads up, and our shoulders back.  If we played a wrong note, we kept marching.  If we messed up, we kept marching.  If we got out of step, we got back in step.  It didn’t matter what happened, we kept on marching. 

It doesn’t matter what happens in this life, just keep marching.

Pastor Hatter

Steve Hatter

Pastor | Life Tabernacle | Hastings, MN

Pastor at Life Tabernacle. Husband to Tammy & Father to Kyle & Katie.

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