Sunlit Trees

A New Season

A new season is upon us, it is obvious, you can sense it and see it.  The change that we feel in the air and the change that we see with our eyes is telling us a lot about our Creator.  The most notable thing about autumn is what we see before the winter season begins.  Our God saves His best work for last.  Each season brings something different.  Spring time brings forth new blossoms of life, that are fulfilled with flowers of maturity in the summer time.  Then with a spectacular display of every color imaginable our eyes capture the beauty, that our Creator allows us to see, before the winter season begins.

On the calendar, we all go through the same season together, but in life we all go through different seasons at different times.  Every season differs from the last.  Some seasons are like winter, dark and cold.  Other seasons are like spring, it brings forth new life and new beginnings. As we go through different seasons of life, it brings about a maturity that will help us grow. 

We seem to think that our younger years were some of our best years, but I have found that God withholds His greatest blessings for the latter times of our life.  The longer I live I have found Him to be faithful to those that have weathered the storms of life, and have remained faithful until the very end.  The older I get the more I gain understanding about the grace and mercy of God.  My knowledge, earlier in life, does not compare to what I know now.  I am becoming increasingly aware of the depths of God’s mercy and love towards myself and others.  

Our best days are ahead of us.  The Bible says, “The glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former.”  Just hold on until the glorius return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  What we see here on earth, the beauty and splendor of it all, will not compare to what He has in store for us in heaven.  It will be spectacular.  It will be glorious.  We are living in the last days, and God is saving His best for last!

Pastor Hatter

Steve Hatter

Pastor | Life Tabernacle | Hastings, MN

Pastor at Life Tabernacle. Husband to Tammy & father to (names here).

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